Who to Notify When you Move

Not sure who to notify when you move? Check out this list!

Post Office

The post office will forward your mail to your new address temporarily. This should give you time to update your address as needed. They will also remind you to update on your mail that is forwarded. You'll usually see a message such as, “Please notify sender of new address”. You may even want to make sure you still receive your advertisements and coupons.

Family and friends

Avoid updating your address on social media for your safety and security. You can update family and friends on an as-needed basis.


Bills that need to be updated like cable, internet, and electric, are easy ones to remember since you need or want them right away when you move. With the growing usage of cell phones and elimination of many landlines, bills like the one you have with your cell phone company are important to add to the list of updates.

Car Lender

If you make payments on your car, you need to let the lender know where you will primarily keep the vehicle.


Life insurance and car insurance may be easy to forget. You need to notify Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance companies to ensure the items you are intending to insure are still covered. Some insurance policies will only cover items housed at the address stated on the agreement.


You can make a change of address online or update them in person to change the address on your ID card or Driver License.


Go through mail to identify who sends you mail. There may be charities you support or other mailings that are not related to finances.


Don’t forget automatic payments or any agreements you have made to accept electronic notifications. They are easy to overlook if all correspondence is online. Sometime down the line, they might need a physical address, so it is still important to update them even if they have your e-mail address. And, don't forget doctors, your employer, and any relevant business partners either!