What to Expect After a Flood

Have you ever thought, what if my home floods? Well no, most of us have not thought about this situation before because we live in Phoenix and when would we ever get that much rain? Well, rain isn’t the only thing that could cause a flood. Faulty plumbing and broken pipes could cause a flood too.home staging I have since experienced this and, well, it’s not exciting and is quite depressing when you think about your personal belongings and the damage that was caused. It is a very scary thought. Even though it is all replaceable, some things have sentimental value such as pictures or even keepsakes.

Now let’s say it happens to you, what do you do?

First things first, TURN OFF THE WATER SOURCE. Now I apologize for the caps lock but this should be your first and only thought in the beginning. If this is done then you could minimize the damages caused. In my case it was a lot of water really fast. Also, you might want to turn your power off just in case. Electricity + water just do not mix well at all. Take lots of pictures. You will need them. If it was damaged, floating, warped, take a picture. Start taking pictures right away to show what caused the damages or flooding. Next, you will need to get the water out. Because water gets everywhere you will need to get a company to come out with dehumidifiers, fans and heaters to dry out walls and the structure in general. Carpeting may need to come out along with sections of drywall to ensure everything dries fully. Now if you haven’t already you need to call your insurance company so that they can start the process of getting your home back in order. They will be in charge of mostly everything from this point on. Keep good faith and hopefully everything comes back together quickly. -Ed Morrison