Vegas Strong

Most people associate Las Vegas with its world famous “Strip”. It conjures up images of the Rat Pack, the mob, and mega-resorts in a city that never stops partying. On October 1, 2017, the images that emerged from Las Vegas were a far cry from those the world knew. The loss of 58 lives at the Harvest festival reminded us that bad things can happen even in a city with a reputation of celebration and happiness. However, the events of that day also taught the world a lesson about Las Vegas that no one was expecting. We are a strong community. Most of us who live here know that, while the Strip can be fun, it is really more of an oddity in a city founded by faith and American industry with a strong sense of community and genuine concern for one another. This community spirit was never more evident than in the days after the shooting.

United and Forever #VegasStrong

Following the tragedy, the top story was not the single act of one criminal, but the numerous actions of this community both on that day and the days that followed. Nationwide, the news stories spoke of the heroism by first responders and layman alike. The even bigger stories came from those not directly impacted by the tragedy. We heard of people lining up at 4:00AM to wait to donate blood. Then, we met a man who travelled over 2000 miles to put up 58 crosses to remember the victims. We saw images of neighbor comforting neighbor and numerous memorials all over the city. Las Vegas has a habit of reinventing itself. We transformed from a water stop on a train line to a sprawling community that continues to grow. That day, we took an unprecedented tragedy and transformed it into an example of what it means to love, to care, and to heal. Storage West is proud to be a part of this amazing community. We'll remember not only those who lost their lives that October day, but all those who rescued, healed, and helped the victims and their families. We are here for all of you. We are Vegas Strong -Libby Kimbrough Storage West – Craig Rd. Facility Manager