Green Light A Vet by Kevin and Laura Fairchild

Sharing our #GreenLightaVet effort here in Las Vegas. Both of our fathers served in the US Army. Kevin’s father, Sgt. Glenn Fairchild served in the 101st Airborne as a paratrooper during WWII. He enlisted into the Army right after the War started.  During his 4 years he jumped behind enemy lines in France & Germany.  He was one of the very few survivors of Bastogne.  After The Battle of Bastogne he was transferred to the 82nd Airborne. Laura’s father, Cpl. Larkin Lowman Jr. served in the Korean War from 1950 to 1953.  He was just 22 years old when the Korean War started. He served as a battle field corpsman. Both of our fathers have passed, but we still honor them today. easternOur daughter April served in the US Navy during 9/11.  She had just finished basic training and was going on to continue training when 9/11 happened.  We were very worried for her during that time.  She was shipped out to the Parisian Gulf to meet her ship.  We are very proud of our daughter for serving and protecting this great nation of ours. Thank you to all veterans! Kevin & Laura Fairchild Storage West Eastern