How to Load a Moving Van

I’ve moved 11 times since I’ve been married. I guess you could say that I used to like to move around a lot. Packing and moving everything yourself isn’t easy. It’s a lot of work. I like to make it as easy as I can so that my move will go quickly and as smooth as possible.

Tips for Loading Your Moving Van

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Good organization and prepping beforehand are the best techniques for making your move easier and less stressful. Boxes should be solid without any open gaps, and sealed tightly. Purchase a couple of black markers and make sure you use very strong packing tape to help hold items in. A good rule of thumb is to be strategic with your packing. Labeling your boxes so that you know how you should stack is highly recommended. Use smaller boxes for heavier items such as dish and glass wear and larger boxes for bedding and clothing. Also, plan to have a couple of moving blankets available for use. Blankets work great to protect furniture from scratches and breakage. All of these things will help prevent damage to your goods. As you load, plan to place the lighter items to the front of the box truck, directly behind the cab. Boxes and light furniture should be stacked neatly and as high as possible to create more room and to protect your items. Heavy appliances should be attached by ropes and/or bungee cords to the side rails of the truck and bulky items should be toward the back end of the truck. These tips should help you utilize as much space as you can to protect your items. Disassembling some of your furniture will create more room for stacking your other items. You want to avoid gaps and open areas as much as possible. Heavy items should be placed on the floor of the truck while lighter items can be stacked on top of the heavy ones. Organization is key to avoiding furniture damage and crushed boxes. This will make unloading your items much easier. Trina Van Alstine Senior Manager OC/IE District Storage West