Getting Prepared for Flu season

Are you getting prepared for flu season? Of course the best protection would be to visit one of the many free flu shot clinics to get the flu vaccine. This is one of many precautions we can take to prevent getting the flu this year. Our Manager Elisa likes to carry travel size of tissues, hand sanitizer and baby wipes in her purse. She uses the tissues to touch any surface that has high traffic of others touching; for example doors or handles. The hand sanitizer she carries so while on the go she can protect herself against any germs that she may have touched on pens, phones, counters or doors. The baby wipes come in handy for not only yourself but the little ones too. Children tend to touch more surfaces or items throughout the day. The wipes are a quick way to protect the kiddos from getting those germs on their hands, siblings or parents.

More Preparation Tips

  Another great way to prepare for flu season as a parent is to look ahead and find activities that will be climate friendly; for example children’s museums, movies, and play dates at home. This way you stay inside and warm. If you do happen to brave the weather for a day out in the colder weather make sure of course that everyone is properly dressed with jackets, beanies and warm shoes. Elisa has found that using single portable hand warmers while out on a day adventure in the cooler weather helps. She keeps them in her jacket pockets or sometimes in her scarf at the back of her neck. Another great preventative measure is drinking plenty of water, orange juice and taking vitamins to keep your immune system healthy. When we take preventative measures our immune system is stronger and able to fight off any germs much easier.