How to Organize Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen pantries have a tendency to get cluttered very easily. But no worries, I have some helpful tips to conquer this issue.

Pantry Organization Tips

Start with an empty canvas. Take everything out of the pantry areas you are organizing. Decide what items you will be putting back into the pantry area then separate those items into categories. Do you have children who need to access items from the pantry area? I suggest keeping their items at the lowest level. I recommend labeling the children’s items either by designating a shelf to them or using labeled containers. Also line the shelf in the pantry with kid’s items with non-slip liners. It will prevent the items from falling out. In the Fullerton area the best places I have found for pantry organization tools are Dollar Tree located at 1230 West Imperial Highway and Grocery Outlet located at 2001 West Whittier Boulevard. At both locations you are able to find items such as wire cabinet shelves, woven cabinet shelves, woven plastic baskets, storage jars, non-slip liners and more. I have found that for cans an easy way to organize and easily view cans you have available to you is a rotating circular shelf. For any dried food or miscellaneous items; clear jars work nicely. This way you are able to see what is in each jar without having to open each jar. If you have any items you would like hung inside the pantry there are hooks in which you can place where needed at different heights and for different weights. If you are placing any special items or more fragile items I suggest first laying down a layer of the non-slip liner. I also suggest placing them towards the top as to not take up any of your more easily accessible space. I hope these tips will help you enjoy your newly organized pantry. -Elisa Jimenez Storage West Fullerton Facility Manager