How to Pack for a Camping Trip

Successfully packing for a camping trip can be tricky, but I believe it can be made easier with good planning and organization. Once your destination and travel dates are set start the packing process with creating lists. Now this may seem like additional work but throughout the trip you will appreciate the less stress the planning will bring you.

Make A List

First you can make a list of items you will need to bring in regards to shelter; for example tent, air mattress, chairs and tarps.

Make a Plan

Next you will need to have an idea of the type of activities you will be participating in while camping. This will give you the correct information when it comes to packing the clothing needed also for any extra items you will need to pack such as toys, sports equipment, miscellaneous activities.

Make the Food

When packing any food for camping I will always recommend utilizing plastic containers with good seals. This way you are able to keep the food fresh and away from as much outside contamination as possible. Packing clothes, cooking utensils or miscellaneous items that are re-usable is another way to make sure you have everything you need but can avoid over packing.

Make the Drive

When packing up the vehicle you are taking make sure that the items you will need first are of easiest accessibility. For example the tent, mattresses, or food items for the first night. The items that will not be needed as much or not until the end of the camping trip can be placed in a further away place.When it comes to packing any repellants or sunscreen type of toiletries I recommend packing this away from any food products. Placing these items inside of a zip lock bag also can help avoid a larger mess if they accidently leak. Happy Camping! -Elisa Jimenez Storage West Fullerton