Neat Toy Storage

Welcome to the world of tiny tots and runaway toys, where you better turn on that light in the middle of the night or face a block to the foot. Where that toy chest that sits in your child’s room is more of a hiding place then actual storage. Storing the children’s toys within the house can be a daunting task. But don’t worry, we are Here for You.

Toy Cars

Let us start small, with those lovely little toy cars that are racing around the house. Target, IKEA and Amazon sell magnetic strips made to mount on the wall. They can be found in the kitchen section, as it was originally used for knives. They can be between $15 and $30. We’re going to re-purpose the strips to go into a kid’s room no problem. Make sure you mount the magnet at the right height for your child and voila! Those cars will look great in their new parking spaces on the wall. No more worrying about slipping on those Hot Wheels again. You can even use this to your advantage with other toys; a small magnet on the toy will let it safely stay secured to the wall. Dinosaur or animal figures can just have a magnet glued to their feet and safely climb the wall of a bedroom. The hardest part will be making sure your child doesn’t play with the figures while the magnet glue is drying.

Barbie Dolls

Barbie dolls can also take up a significant portion of the house. My mother liked to use an over the door cloth shoe rack with pockets while I was growing up. These are relatively cheap starting at only $5, but the fancier you get they can get up to $30. You should be just fine with the lower end ones. Simply stand the Barbie toys in the pockets so they are kindly smiling out at you. Grab a few pill containers at the local dollar store while you are out. You can pair those teeny tiny shoes up inside of them so you always have the pairs together; even use it to keep the accessories safe. I bet you were wondering which dolls to place at the top of the rack, out of a child’s reach. Don’t place a doll there, put these shoes and accessories that you would rather they only play with occasionally, rather than lose on regular basis. The clothing that they will want to change every instance they can? Those are what you want to place at the bottom. Get your child to help you arrange the dolls. They can pick which are their favorites and need to be easily accessible. If you are really worried about your little climber though, just buy a couple of the cheap racks and hang them lower on the wall. You can fold the racks in half and place a quick stitch to hold them together. That way once your children get taller you can reuse the racks over the door again. These racks can honestly be used for more than just dolls. You can place stuffed animals, craft supplies, or action figures inside them as well. These might be your biggest help when it comes to storing the toys that your children are so attached to.

Small Bins

I also suggest small bins for the toys, rather than trying to use a large chest. Your children know exactly what toy they want to play with, they aren’t going to stop until they find it. The large chests can fit a lot of toys in one space, almost ensuring that your child will pull every toy out while looking. The smaller cube like bins, are much easier to see into and sort around. They will be less likely to throw all their toys on the ground, if they can find what they are looking for in an easier manner. These can be placed on the bottom of a book shelf or under benches, even under the bed. There you have it, I hope they store well and you find your floors cleaner then when we started. Unfortunately, I can’t make sure that your kids clean up after themselves. That’s a blog for another day. - Shannon Roberts Associate Manger