How to Organize and Store Photos

Interested in finally going through all the photos you've collected through the years? Check out these tips on how to store photos!

Photo Storage Tips

First, separate the photos. Choose those that you would like to display and have easy access to. The rest will be the ones you will store. Once you have an idea of the ones you would like displayed you can purchase appropriate display methods. For example, picture frames or photo albums. Depending on the amount you have you can separate by year, special event, holidays or individual family members. Throughout the year as holidays change or family comes around you can pull out individual albums to share. Then you can easily store them back in their place once your family has gone home. Photo albums with clear protection sheets seem to preserve photos better over a long period of time rather than the albums with sticky adhesive which can damage photos. Photo boxes are also a great idea. You can store a large amount of photos while still keeping the photos in great condition. We recommend always keeping your photos indoors. Even with a photo box, if you are keeping the photos outside they are prone to damage easier with dust, bugs and weather changes. Now, if you need to store large photos or unusual size framed photos we recommend using a mirror box wrapped lightly in wrapping paper. Add your photo and then fill the rest of the box with packing peanuts. If you need easier access to them you can use the plastic flat storage containers that fit under couches or beds. Only put one picture per box or when stacking have a layer of wrapping paper in between the frames as to not let them rub against each other and cause any damage.

Digital Photo Storage

If you are organizing photos on a computer, you might try creating different folders for all the categories you would like to separate them into. Then you just drag, click and save into appropriate folder. It’s as easy as that.