Packing for a Family Road Trip

Going out on an exciting family road trip? I believe the first item that you should take into account for packing is what size vehicle you're driving. Also how many occupants can you comfortably and safely accommodate? A larger SUV can fit several large suit cases in the trunk. Or, you could even stack them on top of the vehicle with ease. Just remember to secure everything down properly.6 packing cubes/duffel bags

Packing Small Cars

With smaller vehicles you will have to be more strategic and utilize all empty space. When packing a smaller vehicle for a road trip I suggest using duffel bags. You can compact them into extra spaces such as under the seat or you can even use them as foot rests. I recommend leaving items such as blankets, pillows and entertainment items out to make the family road trip more comfortable. Those items can end up taking up more pace than they are worth.

What to Bring

Make sure to pack the car with a cooler of snacks and drinks that are easily accessible while on your road trip. For any trip of a longer length I recommend making a list of all items needed, then packing items at least a few days in advance. Have everyone pitch in with what they will be bringing and make sure you can accommodate everything.

Make a Master List

Labeling bags or making a master list can be helpful if your family is going on a longer trip where items may not be used throughout the entire trip. If you have people who are willing to share a suit case, I find this not only saves space when fitting things into the car but also makes for less of a mess when you arrive at destination and things will be removed from the car. Packing can also be overwhelming so I suggest everyone pitching in or taking a certain amount of items off the master list. This way everyone has a part in packing and everyone can move forward to enjoy the family road trip sooner. It’s as simple as that. Work as a team and you’re set for an excellent family vacation! -Elisa Jimenez Manager - Storage West Fullerton