Spring Cleaning Plan

Spring cleaning can be very overwhelming. By following these few tips I hope to help make spring cleaning a painless process.  My Spring Cleaning Plan is simple and straightforward. Best of luck with your cleaning projects!

Getting Started

A simple way to start this cleaning process would be to go throughout the house. Make a list of items you no longer need, would like to donate and items you would like to store in your home for future use. Create an area where you can sort through all the items and separate them into the appropriate categories. Remove any of the items you are discarding and donate as to declutter the work areas more. For the items that you are storing I suggest using plastic see through bins. This way you can easily label and view content while still keeping items better protected. If you prefer regular boxes I recommend labeling them in large legible lettering so in the future you do not have to open every box to find the single item you need.

The Next Steps

A secondary list can be made for large and small cleaning projects. It is best to not overwhelm yourself with cleaning the entire home in one day. Be realistic with the time you have available and if you have any assistance. Make a plan with the room or area you are trying to conquer; list everything you want done in the room. Always work from top to bottom of each area to avoid doing double the work. For example, you want to clean the ceiling fan blades BEFORE you vacuum, otherwise you’ll end up doing that twice. Making this list and checking off as you go not only feels good but also ensures you get everything done while not stressing to remember everything while in the moment.

Make it Fun

Spring cleaning does not sound very exciting but make it as fun as possible. Eat a good breakfast, throw some good music on and focus on the task. If possible ask someone close to you tackle one of your larger areas with you. In exchange you can help them with one of their larger spring cleaning projects as well. It tends to be more fun to clean at someone else’s house. Happy Spring cleaning everyone! -Elisa Jimenez – Fullerton Facility Manager