Three Tier Halloween Cake

  halloween decorated cake day of ther deadHalloween is almost here! Those of you who enjoy baking and have parties might enjoy baking this simple cake. You'll need to bake 3 different cakes in 8 in, 10in and 12in pans. They are all double layer chocolate cakes with three different frostings. Frost the 12 inch with chocolate frosting, the 10 inch with banana cream and the 8 in with pistachio nut. Hint: If you do not like having to cut your cake for even layers there is a trick you can do. I use Wilton bake even cake strips, that way when you pull the cake from the oven, it is already baked even 100% of the time. The flowers, sticks and leaves are from plastic bouquets sold at the dollar tree. The Dia De Los Muertos figurines are from Michaels craft store

What you will need:

Three tier cake stand Turn table cake stand Cake boards sizes 8, 10 and 12 inch (sold at Walmart or Michaels) Wilton bake even cake strips (optional) (sold at Walmart or Michaels) Halloween decorations (your choice) Baker's Joy Spray 5 boxes of cake mix 1 tub of frosting 2 8oz Cool Whip 2 (3.5oz) Pistachio Nut pudding mixes 2 (3.5oz) Banana Cream pudding mixes Hint: I get moist cakes every time by adding a little extra water and I use extra-large eggs, plus the cake strips do not allow the cake to rise in the middle. white halloween cake decorated spiders day of the dead chocolate halloween cake decorated day of the dead dollar store


1. Make the cakes according to the box. 2. Spray each pan with Baker's Joy 3. For the 8 inch pan I use two cups of cake mix. For the 10 inch pan I use 3 cups of cake mix and for the 12 inch pan I use 4 cups of cake mix. 4. After the cakes are fresh from the oven; I wrap them in cling wrap and leave them out until they cool down. After they cool down they are placed in the refrigerator. 5. While the first cakes are cooling and the others are baking you can prepare the homemade frosting.

To prepare the frosting:

Let the Cool Whip sit on the counter until it is soft. In the meantime prepare the pudding mixes according to the boxes and then add the cool whip a little at a time, until you use the whole 8oz. Then refrigerate. three halloween decorated cakes After everything is done the decorating begins. Set up that special place you would like your cake to be and enjoy! Happy Halloween everyone! -Rosalinda Wood Storage West Mesquite Grove Facility Manager