Tips for Driving a Moving Van

Driving a Truck

Regardless of what you drive we all hope you do it safely. But, we have all been there; stuck behind a driver that is not driving safe. Here are some guidelines for safe truck driving. Practicing safe driving habits helps prevent accidents. If this is your first time driving a moving truck, remember to ask for driving tips as you might be advised to remember wide turns, bigger blind spots, and or the clearance high of the vehicle.

Moving truck reminders

Just like your passenger car, buckling up your seat belt should be step one. Then, adjust all mirrors before you even leave your parking space. A moving truck has no rear view mirror in the middle of the dashboard. This means there is a blind spot in the rear of the truck, so it is important your side mirrors are properly adjusted so you can rely on them. Prior to driving, make sure to adjust your mirrors to give you the best vantage point.
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When changing lanes, or merging to the next lane pay close attention to the traffic and vehicles around you. Allow yourself as much room as possible to avoid tight, small spaces. If you do decide to go under an overhead and or decide to go through a drive through remember to read the pass clearance. Make sure you have plenty of room before proceeding. Also, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with all the controls of the moving truck to know how things work. This includes how to turn on your lights, windshield wipers, signals, and the air conditioner or heater. Don’t be shy about asking any questions or concerns if you don’t know where to find any type of controller.

You’re in control

Once you’re behind the wheel, remember to keep at least one or more car lengths between the moving truck and the vehicle in front of you. This distance allows enough time for you to turn or stop if you need to. Space and distance is a necessity when turning, as you will need to make wider turns. Use your mirrors to make sure you are clear to turn. Never tailgate and never try to pass another car on curves, hills, or narrow roads. Pay attention to road signs relating to trucks. Remember the importance of overhead clearance. If the overhead clearance is not posted, do not guess. You can prevent an accident by simply being extra conscious.


  • Use the vehicle mirrors. Maneuvering a truck requires more turning area and more room for lane changes.
  • Pay attention to road signs pertaining to trucks (weigh station stops, truck or lane restriction signs and overhead clearance postings).
  • Use caution at intersections. Before crossing, check left, then right, then left again.
  • Avoid making sudden stops or abrupt lane changes.
  • Never tailgate. Trucks require more time and room to stop. Maintain more than one car length between the truck and the vehicle in front of you.