Dorm Move In Guide

Are you going to be spending your first year here in Surprise at Ottawa University and living on campus? There are probably a lot of questions you have about what to bring or do on move-in day! I have some helpful tips for you so that you can come prepared.

Get Prepared

No matter the role you are playing, be it the parent coming to help out, or the student, don’t fret! A little research and preparation can go a long way. I know that sometimes we kiddos can forget to share every detail with our parents when it comes time to getting all the answers laid out in advance. You should receive some information from your Dorm Dean or similar contact. You can also get some info online. OUAZ has detailed information about each dorm style they offer including virtual tours. Just knowing what comes in the room will eliminate any unnecessary expenses and help lighten the load. It also gives you something to keep in mind in regards to how much storage room you will have.

Move In Day

Now that you know where to go to get the info to get a head start on your preparation, here is an idea of some things you’ll want to do or get. There is a chance when you move in that you’ll be given an inspection checklist to mark off any existing damages to the room prior to your move in. It’s a good idea to snap some photos too. If you aren’t given a checklist go ahead and take photographs of any damages done to the walls, floors, etc. Make a list of the damages that were there prior to starting your move in. Ensure toilets, refrigerators, and all other appliances are in proper working order. This will save you when it is time to move out from any charges for something not caused by you. Keep the items you’re bringing to a minimum. Keep in mind that you most likely won’t have a large walk-in closet. If you are planning on flying in from out of state have your items shipped prior to. Pack the clothing appropriate for the time of year. You can ship winter clothing at a later date. Packing a small tool kit might come in handy on move in day to help personalize the dorm room, but it is also something that you or your child might appreciate having throughout the year. Don’t forget the essentials as far as school supplies, hygiene, laundry, entertainment, and bedding (don’t forget pillows) then you are set! These items can be purchased once you arrive to save on shipping or save space for the journey here. No matter how far you have traveled to come to school here I am certain you’ll enjoy your time in beautiful Surprise, AZ. -Christina Todd Storage West – Associate Manager