Free Move In Truck

Did you know that we have a free move in truck here at Storage West Surprise?


You need to get everything to your storage unit and you are thinking about a truck. You review your options, you can: • Make 18 trips in your car and still wonder how to get the big stuff to storage. • Borrow your buddy’s truck; owe him a tank of gas and “favors” for life. • Rent a truck from a rental company and be out $70 or more after paying for the truck rental, mileage fees, fuel, insurance and dolly rental. or.... • Use our truck. The cost to borrow it is $0. We give you free mileage, free fuel, and there's no insurance you need to buy. On top of all that, we know you need a dolly, so we won’t charge you for that either. We creatively call it our “DOT.” That is short for “Drive Our Truck” here at Storage West! It is our Free Move-In Truck and guess what, it’s free!

Our truck is:

• Generally a 16’ box truck. So it isn’t intimidating to drive yet, still big enough to get the job done. • It has an enclosed cargo box so you don’t need to worry about rain or things blowing out of the truck during the drive to Storage West. • The best part, you NEVER need to put fuel in the truck when you’re done, or buy special insurance from us. • You are moving, we know you need help, so we never charge you to use our hand truck or appliance hand truck. That is just Storage West trying to make moving easier. We want to make moving and storing easier – at Storage West Surprise – “We are Here for You” – so come by and get to know us and start making life and storage easier!