Shoes Vs. Storage

This may not be the time to overwhelm you. But, if you are thinking about selecting a storage space, this isn’t like grabbing a T-shirt off the rack. You don't just have to choose between Small – Medium –Large or XL. And you probably don't already have a good idea you’re a medium. Storage shopping is more like shoe shopping for a big event. Don’t panic. There are professionals available to help you. At Storage West you'll find the right size, style and color of “shoe”.

Let Us Help You

The good news is, those professionals will dispense their knowledge for free. And, the true professionals won’t use a shoe horn to wedge you into a shoe that is cute but not your size. They will help you discover the specific storage space that suits your needs the best. The true professionals are going to explain all the different “shoe” options. That includes color, what will fit you best and keep your toes happy while making you look great and staying within your “shoe” budget! For storage, those options are a little different.

What to Consider

Oh yes, back to storage instead of “shoe” shopping. Here is a quick list of things to evaluate. And remember, the storage professionals can help you –if you share information with them. Sometimes you will say something that you think is irrelevant that gives us a hint on how to best help you. Here is the list in no particular order of importance – because everyone’s list would be in a different sequence. Some folks prioritize budget. Some prioritize convenience. Many worry about bugs. And then some worry about access while others worry about the freebies.
  • Do I need air conditioning? If it is May thru September in Phoenix, you probably do need to keep the A/C on those “shoes” so they don’t get brittle, discolor or otherwise breakdown too quickly.
  • Do I need drive up access? Some items require drive up access just because it is a car, truck, motorcycle, golf cart or a 12’ long ladder. Other items are optional. Just remember the convenience of a drive up unit usually means there won’t be air conditioning. These units may be susceptible to more dust than an interior air conditioned unit with more protection from the outside world. Good news about a unit with drive up access? You won’t be wearing out your shoe leather walking down a hallway.
  • All units are created equal so who cares that the garage door faces the West? In reality, all units are not created equal even within the same facility! Just as every jimmy Choo shoe is not seen equally valuable by the viewer neither are storages all valued the same. In the desert, a West facing door in July might not be as comfortable to visit as something facing the North. Now, if you have a solar powered trickle charger for your stored vehicle, then West is a great direction!
  • Maybe you're thinking: "All units, regardless of where they are at the facility, are created equal. Who cares that my unit is near the keypad? After all, it just means I can get out of here quicker!" Think again. This may mean when you are hunting for something and want to sprawl your stuff in the driveway it is harder to do. More people would be around you trying to access the keypad, elevator, staircase etc. Sometimes it is best to be located further away from the access points. So even though you can slide out of those nice pumps quickly you might wish for a pair of strappy heels!
  • Do I care if my unit is the furthest one from the entrance to the building? I’m saving lots of money every month by being at the end of the hallway. This is true, but if you are only staying 2 months and hired professional movers this means they will be “on the clock” longer. If the stuff is not in storage long term it may be worth it to pay a bit extra. Get a unit close to the door to minimize the work and/or money invested in moving the items.
  • “I visit my unit frequently rotating out the clothing, holiday decorations, toys and my work boots and other items”. Then you definitely want to be inside the air conditioned building. Being inside means rain or shine, you are comfortable. You also may want to be fairly close to the entrance. That way you don’t have to load up the cart and push stuff too far.
  • How are your possessions arriving? Some units are easier to access if you have a professional van arriving. Some are easier to access with a private vehicle or rental truck.
  • What if your things are arriving via a portable moving container? Definitely tell your Manager. They might have more than one 5x10 available. Why get stuck with the one at the end of the building where the driveway is narrow? Maybe there is one in the middle of the building, with an access door and a very wide spot in the driveway where the portable moving container could be parked for a couple days.
  • If you are arriving from out of state with a rental truck, maybe the manager will allow you to leave it securely inside the storage facility for the night until you are ready to unload in the morning.
  • Based on your “story” or scenario, experienced Managers have lots of hints. If you are arriving with a professional van, be sure to have a folding chair, an ice chest and an umbrella handy for your comfort. That way you can relax while taking inventory of the items coming off the truck. This is generally your best opportunity to identify damage. Bring a chair so you can sit in the optimal spot for watching the unloading.
  • Buying a new home soon? The storage manager might remind you to “save / keep handy” even very old documents that will be needed at closing. Make sure you clearly label those boxes, maybe use colorful tape – so when they come off the truck you can make sure they don’t get buried at the back of the unit and they are easy to find back.
  • When it comes to you tools, if you think “I don’t need them”. Maybe don’t be so quick. When you get into your new place, there might be furniture to assemble, maybe a door to take down to get the fridge into the house and something else that needs an adjustment. Just because you don’t need tools now, doesn’t mean you won’t need them in a hurry when you move into your next place. If you don’t leave all the tools near the front then prepare yourself a kit of the most common tools you might need and leave them available for easy access.
So, when you are ready to go storage shopping, put on your walking shoes, come to the storage and we will take you out on the golf cart to show you some different sizes and we will find the perfect fit for you.