True or False: Gate Access

True or False: I can buy lunch with my smartphone, move money with it and open the security gate at Storage West Surprise? True! Just open the app on your smartphone and hit the button. Done! That was as easy as paying for lunch! The bad news is, if you forgot your smartphone, you’re going to have to go “old school”. We all know that means, parking close to the keypad, rolling down your window, allowing the air conditioning to escape your car, extending your arm, pointing your finger and pushing actual buttons on the keypad. Sorry! If you were one of our EasyCode users - you’d be sitting in your comfy climate control car, windows up, radio on and tapping your phone to open the security gate! It would be nice if you didn’t have to lift a finger to get past the storage gate, but at least now you don’t have to lift your arm! Here at Storage West Surprise, we are making life easier! You can load EasyCode onto your phone, the wife’s phone, your employee’s phone or whomever you trust. The EasyCode app has an Activity tab that tracks when EasyCode is used for your unit(s). So if you’re wondering if your buddy, Steve returned the sleeping bags he borrowed or if your employee really did pick up his tools at 7:00 am; you can check your EasyCode! No, you can’t open the gate from your sofa at home. We thought about that and if the GPS on your phone doesn’t indicate you are at the site, EasyCode will know! Call your manager to find out if you’re storing at a Storage West location that uses EasyCode. If you are, then ask your manager for the sitekey to set up EasyCode on your Smartphone.