True or False: How to Decide on Your Trio

True or False:

The hardest part of renting at Storage West Surprise is trying to decide which freebies to take home with you?


Cleaning out the office and putting away end of year tax records? Go for the free trio of auto-bottom boxes. The auto-bottom box doesn’t require any tape to secure it and the best part of all is you don’t have to figure out how to fold in flap A, then flap B, C, D and then figure out how to build the lid. Just push on opposing corners and the box is suddenly square and sturdy!auto bottom boxes stacked on a push cart If you are packing up the house, garage or the kid’s room then you might want to reach for the free trio of moving boxes* with complimentary packing tape. You receive a small moving box for the really heavy or delicate items, a medium box which is perfect of clothes, still on the clothes hanger or kitchen item plus a large box for your pillows/bedding or larger items. Storage West offers the “Here For You Guarantee.” The guarantee is packed with benefits! Storage West is so confident that you will have a great storage experience, we assume liability ** for the first $3,000.00 of property damage if something goes wrong, while your items are in storage! We offer a savings of 10% - 50% on everything we sell, extended free mileage on our “Free Move-in” Truck, free faxing and scanning*** and of course those free boxes we just talked about! The decision is yours! Just another way Storage West is trying to make your storage the best storage experience. *Trio is defined as three auto-bottom boxes or a small, medium, and large moving box **See Here For You Guarantee for more information *** limitations to number of pages faxed/scanned.