Bike Storage

If you’ve recently decided to change your mode of transportation up a little you may be needing to make room for a bicycle or possibly stow one away because you aren’t going to use it frequently any longer. Don’t fret. There are many options no matter what your situation is!

The Garage

If your home has a garage there is a pretty wide variety of choices when it comes to storing them there. Depending on your available space you can choose something as simple as a hook to hang it by the wheel vertically or the frame horizontally. They even make pulley systems for ease of access! Don’t feel like screwing something in to your wall or ceiling? You can buy racks to hang them from in either direction. This will make it easy to re-locate them if you tend to constantly rearrange the garage.

The Backyard

No room in the garage and considering a solution for your back yard? A small shed is an excellent place for it. This will keep it protected from the weather and give you space for all of your gear. If this is going to be more of a temporary home you can get a pop-up tent to protect it without having to invest in something like a shed.

Bike Rack

Live in an apartment? They make beautiful furniture like pieces that double as racks and ways to hang them. At first glance you would never guess it for bicycle storage when the bicycle is not on it. If you’ve got the capability this is something you could create and make as intricate or as simple as you desire.

Storage Unit

Last, but certainly not least. Come see us and we will help find the perfect storage unit to fit your needs. If you invest in a free-standing rack that you can hang your bike from the wheel you can fit it in our 5x4 this is our smallest unit. If you’ve got an electric bicycle like me then you may not want to mess with the hassle of lifting it since they are on the heavier side. With a 5x10 you’d be able to put your bicycle right in to the unit without the need to hang or bother with a rack. Plus you’d have some space for a couple of other items as well. So rest assured you’ll find the perfect option no matter what your situation is. Stay safe out there! -Christina Todd Storage West West Surprise – Associate Mangaer