Fry’s Food Stores to Open New Phoenix Location

Arizona supermarket chain Fry’s Food Stores has recently announced that they will open a new Phoenix location on October 23, 2019. The news is very welcome to Phoenix residents, who have been eager to welcome a new location of the popular store.

The new Fry’s location will offer convenience to nearby residents and new job opportunities, as well. Here’s what you need to know.

About Fry’s Food Stores

Fry’s was founded by Donald Fry in 1954 in Northern California. He operated the business together with his brother, Charles Fry. The chain grew quickly, expanding into the Phoenix area by 1960 and continuing to grow.

In 1972, Donald Fry sold the chain to Dillon’s. Charles Fry’s two sons used the money they earned from the sale to start Fry’s Electronics in 1985. The two businesses share the family name, but they are separately owned and operated.

Dillon’s merged with Kroger in 1983 and the new company then merged with Fred Meyer in 1988. After the merger, most of the Smith’s Food and Drug Centers in Arizona were re-branded under the Fry’s name.

In addition to Fry’s Food Stores, the company also operates:

  • Fry’s Marketplace, a multi-department store that sells groceries and other items
  • Fry’s Signature, a high-end version of their regular grocery store
  • Fry’s Mercado, a grocery store catering to Arizona’s Latino population

The latest store is a traditional Fry’s Food Store.

The New Phoenix Store

The new Fry’s Food Store in Phoenix is part of the “Block 23” development, which is a 230,000 square foot complex currently under construction near Washington and First Streets. The complex will include residential, office, and retail space.

The Fry’s Food Store will occupy a whopping 67,000 square feet of space in the new development. In addition to the usual grocery store departments such as seafood, dairy, and canned goods, the store will also feature:

  • A pharmacy
  • A deli
  • A bakery
  • A sushi station
  • A Starbucks
  • An expanded kitchen with food from Chompie’s, the New York-style deli and bakery

The meals available at Chompie’s will include sandwiches, sliders, soups, breakfast items, and some pre-packed meals.

The store offers a variety of services including online ordering, food deliveries, and curbside pick-up. These all make the store a welcome addition to the area since many city residents prefer to have their groceries delivered to them.

Fry’s Gives Back

It’s easy to focus on the shopping opportunities that come with a new store, but Fry’s is a company that strives to give back to the communities where their stores are located through their Community Rewards Program.

Fry’s VIP members can choose a local organization. Then, every time they shop, the organization they choose earns money. The non-profit organizations, schools, and places of worship near the new store will benefit every time members shop there.


The new Fry’s Food Stores location in Phoenix opens with a 7:30 AM ribbon cutting ceremony on October 23rd. The apartments and businesses in the Block 23 development will open later. You can sign up for Fry’s VIP plan by clicking here.


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