Garage Storage Ideas

Need a Clutter-Free Workshop Space? Consider These Garage Storage Ideas

Garage Storage Ideas

A workshop is an essential part of any DIYer’s home, and these garage storage ideas can make it a great place to brainstorm and build. With the right organization, a workshop is a hub for creativity — a testing space for crafts, repair jobs and home improvement projects.

3 Garage Storage Ideas to Transform Your Shop

When it comes to your at-home workshop, smart storage and organization are key. A lack of storage or an inconvenient layout can result in chaos — garages can quickly become a dumping ground for odds and ends, from muddy shoes and sports equipment to holiday décor and gardening supplies. Piles of stuff can feel overwhelming, dim any creative spark and kill motivation.

On the other hand, a clear workspace equals a clear mind, enhancing focus and productivity. You’ll want to implement these garage storage ideas right away…so you can get back to your craft.

Idea #1: Secure a Solid Workbench

Central to any workshop is a workbench that can stand up to the rigorous demands of heavy-duty crafts and home improvement endeavors. Find one that’s at a comfortable height and provides enough depth to spread out — for instance, you might want to read a manual or blueprints while working.

Also consider workbenches with ample drawers and shelving to store tools, hardware, pens, notebooks, or anything else you might reach for during a project.

Idea #2: Store Tools and Equipment Vertically

The next step to revamping your garage workshop is getting everything up off the floor, where it takes up valuable square footage and creates a tripping hazard. Installing tools on the wall creates a more easily navigable space that supports your ambitious ideas. There are several modular, wall-mounted storage systems that let you customize racks, bins, shelves, and more to suit your unique needs.

Long-Handled Equipment – Your garden might be kept in pristine condition, but how are you storing your shovels, rakes, weed whackers, and other long-handled equipment? Instead of simply stacking them against the wall (where they can easily fall over and create a nuisance), install a storage rack on the wall to free up the floor and quickly find what you need.

Hand-Held Equipment – Chances are, your home improvement project will require a hammer, screwdriver, sander, or another versatile handheld tool at one point or another. Keep them at an arm’s length and within your line of sight with a useful pegboard. Consider placing a beg board above a workbench for easy access.

Smaller Items – Say goodbye to your collection of old coffee canisters rattling with random assortments of screws, nails, bolts, and other ephemera. Invest in a compartment organizer with transparent drawers so you can see exactly what items you have available and what you need to pick up at the hardware store.

Idea #3: Create Additional Garage Space

Plastic bins and a label maker are must-haves for any workshop.

Tuck away manuals, guides, books, sandpaper, and more in clearly labeled bins. Not only will they be out of the way, but they’ll also be protected from pests and water. Plastic bins are so versatile; they’re also great for storing extra tools, seasonal items (like holiday decorations), and pretty much anything else that you don’t want to get in the way.

Keep your bins on wall-mounted shelving or metal racks, with labels facing outward. Bonus points if you organize your bins categorically, such as gardening supplies, home improvement, sports, seasonal, etc.

Consider Extra Garage Storage Options

Your garage serves many purposes. Sure, you might use it as a home workshop, but it’s also where you park your car or store extra stuff. Even with these garage storage ideas, it’s no surprise that it can get a little crowded!

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