Get Started on Christmas Crafts & Gifts

“Christmas in July” is a wistful way to think of cooler days during the hot, dry summer.  July may be too early for retail stores to start carrying Christmas items. It is not too early for you to start planning for the holidays — especially if you are someone who wants to make your own holiday Christmas crafts, decorations, and gifts.

People love receiving home-made gifts and seeing homes decorated with hand-made ornaments and trimmings.  The time, thought, and love that go into these projects add to their meaning and enjoyment.  Some crafters may rely on making gifts because it is cheaper, but that only takes the cost of materials into account, not the time & attention they devote to each project. And time is why you should plan out all your projects now!

If you are a first-time crafter, there are plenty of blogs, websites, and videos out there to walk you step-by-step through various projects for your home or to give as gifts.  Below are two such videos to get you started on planning your holiday craft projects.

Christmas Craft and Gift Videos

Christmas Ornament (1 of 10 in a series):

Turn an inexpensive recipe box into a customized gift:

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