Glendale AZ – Best City for Community College Jobs

Community colleges are a necessary part of the United States’ system of higher education. They provide an affordable alternative to expensive four-year schools. And while there are many community colleges in the country – 1167 as of 2012, the latest year for which Department of Education statistics are available. With so many schools to choose from, there are plenty of employment opportunities for people who want to work at a community college. Our pick for the best city for community college jobs is Glendale, Arizona.

Community Colleges in Glendale

The primary reason we chose Glendale as our top city for community college jobs is that Maricopa County one of the country’s largest community college districts. All told, it serves approximately 220,000 students.

In Glendale proper, there are two community college campuses, Glendale Community College and Glendale Community College North. That might not seem like much, but within just a few miles of Glendale are many of the Phoenix area’s community colleges, including:

Because these campuses are all near Glendale, it means that if you’re willing to take on a relatively short commute, you might conceivably find employment at any one of them.

Other Employment in Glendale

You might be wondering if there are employment opportunities in Glendale for other people in your family. Aside from education, the top industries in the area are healthcare, aviation and aeronautics, and retail.

Nearby Phoenix has many jobs in the healthcare, manufacturing, and banking industries, as well as many others.

Moving to Glendale

One of the biggest concerns when relocating for a job is determining how the cost of living in your new home compares to other parts of the country.

The cost of living in Glendale is in line with the national average. It runs a little higher in housing and transportation, and slightly below the national average for groceries, utilities, and healthcare. The median income for homeowners is just over $65,000.

If you’re moving from a place with a very high cost of living, the prices in Glendale will seem inexpensive by comparison. However, people moving from low-cost areas in the South and Midwest should be prepared for a change.


Glendale is the best city in the United States for community college jobs. With its proximity to Phoenix, there are employment opportunities for the whole family. The city has a thriving culture, too, making it a great place to raise a family.

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