Harold’s Corral

Storage West managers don’t just do business in their local communities; they make a point of being really truly involved in the community. It’s important to us to keep up to date with what’s going on in our neighborhoods and really try to be a part of it whenever we can. We want to not just be a good business in your area, but we want to really be a good neighbor. We may not have sugar to lend, but we can help keep you up to date on local events like at Harold’s Corral!

Our managers make it a point of gathering information whenever possible about what’s going on in the area surrounding them. To help spread the word about what we find out we maintain local Facebook pages. You can see an example of this with our Scottsdale Airpark page. Whenever we find out about interesting stuff in our area we make sure to share that content there.  If you check out that page you might see a post about Harold’s Corral in Cave Creek. We try to keep up to date with businesses that have a lot to offer in the area and Harold’s sure is one of those places!

Harold’s Corral

At Harold’s there is no shortage of fun and entertainment. On top of great food and drink they really know how to put on a show too. With acts like The Gin Blossoms and Ryan Sims, you know you’re looking at a great venue.

If you’re in the Scottsdale Airpark area or think your business is one that the great people of Scottsdale might benefit from hearing about, make sure to connect with us online. You can find us on Twitter too. We look forward to connecting with you! Keep us informed on what you’ve got going on so we can share with the community!

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