Home for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. We just wanted to share this beautiful story we received from one of our resident managers. At Storage West we always say how important customer service is, but this really takes things to another level.

Home for Christmas

In December of 2012, my wife and I became the new managers at the Storage West – Rhodes Ranch facility. After we had our first auction, one of the buyers turned in the personal items from a unit he had purchased.  Among them was a box from a mortuary with ashes inside.  B.J., as I will call him, was left in the unit and there wasn’t anybody to contact regarding him.  So I made it my quest to find where B.J. belonged.

Month after month went by and I tried various methods with no luck. In late 2013, I paid for a membership on Ancestry.com and checked monthly for anything on B.J. but still had no luck. I had exhausted almost all of the avenues I could think of.

During the last week of November, I tried Ancestry.com again and found that someone added him to a family tree! I sent a message to the person who put in the addition on their tree and waited. On December 6th 2014, while attending a birthday party, I received a call from a woman who lived in Nampa Idaho. She said her step sister had called her and gave her my phone number hoping that I had something to tell her about her son B.J.  I let her know that I had B.J. and other personal items. We had an emotional visit to say the least.

On December 7, 2014, I called her back and spoke with her husband. He said they had been searching since 2009 for her sons remains. They also have been raising B.J.’s youngest son who has cystic fibrosis and is now 16 years old. He told me how close B.J. and his son were.  He also said that every year when they ask B.J.’s son what he wanted for Christmas, he told them he wanted his dad home for Christmas.  Well B.J. is headed to Nampa Idaho this week and …..

He will be home for Christmas

-Terrall Hanson

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