renting a storage unit

Home Storage vs Renting a Storage Unit

renting a storage unit

Do extra belongings really belong in a dusty attic, a dirty garage, or a musty basement? What about renting a storage unit? Let’s look at how home storage and storage unit rental compare by asking some basic questions about each style of storage.

Home Storage vs Storage Unit Rental

It is a product of modern life that Americans accumulate stuff. And couples and families accumulate stuff at an even faster rate. Unexpected events, such as family moving in with you or inheriting furniture and other items after a death, can cause your home or apartment to fill up fast.

The question is: should you store your extra belongings at home or find an off-site solution, like a storage unit rental in California, Nevada, Arizona or Texas? Here are some standard questions to ask yourself when making the decision.

Home Storage Considerations

  • Where in your home will these extra belongings stay? If there is no separate place for them, they will be in the way.
  • If using the attic, is it temperature controlled? Can the belongings withstand heat or cold?
  • Can you give up the garage to store your belongings? After all, cars are a big investment. Sitting outside in intense heat can shorten the life of a car engine. It will certainly damage the paint job over time. An unsecured car may be vandalized or even stolen.
  • If you use the garage, will the belongings be safe? What about temperature controlled? Will there still be room for your tools and other equipment?
  • What about the basement? Many southwestern homes don’t have basements. If you do, however, you’ll have to consider dangers such as temperature fluctuations and mold. 

Storage Unit Rental Considerations

  • Do you have enough to fill a storage unit? You may want to catalogue your extra belongings and use the unit to store your holiday decorations, sports equipment, and other items that are used seasonally.
  • Do you need short or long term storage unit rental? At Storage West, you can rent on a monthly basis, allowing you to decide how short or long the items will be stored.
  • Do you need regular access to the items? Obviously, you need to use the unit for items that aren’t in regular use. Storage West has gated access with codes at its facilities to allow you access during regular business hours.
  • Does anything going into storage need temperature or moisture control? Storage units with temperature control, such as air cooled or air conditioned, are available at Storage West. These storage unit rentals are more likely to protect your belongings from extremes in temperature.
  • How valuable are the items you need to store? Storage West has a Here-for-You Guarantee that adds up to $3,000 of replacement coverage.

Your storage options aren’t just limited to your home. Find out more about renting a storage unit by calling (877) 252-8105 or using our online rental process.



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