How a Storage Space Can Help You Stage for Annual Trade Shows

Trade shows are a must for entrepreneurs and business owners. They provide an opportunity to interact in person with an array of potential customers. If you plan and stage your booth properly, a single trade show appearance can lead to new sales – and increased profits.

The trick, of course, is having a place to store your trade show booth and props between shows. Things like backdrops, cut-outs, and even printed materials can take up space that you need for other items. Renting a storage space from Storage West can provide the solution you need.

Storage for Trade Shows

Creating a professional-looking and enticing trade show booth takes time, effort, and money. Few companies can afford to buy new displays every year. For that reason, it’s a must to have a safe place to store your trade show items between shows.

Storing items in your office can take up space that you need for files, office equipment, and employees. Storing them at home may leave them open to heat damage and you may have space limitations there, as well.

We recommend a storage space. Our facilities are safe, secure, and some offer air conditioning or air cooling to keep your display items looking like new. You won’t have to worry about their condition because you’ll know that they’re waiting for you when you need them.

The size of the unit you rent will depend on what you need to store. Some companies have deluxe trade show booths that require a large space. Others may need to store smaller display items, literature, and other necessary items for a successful trade show. Whatever you need, we have the storage space to help.

Staging and Moving Your Trade Show Displays

At Storage West, we have many business clients who prepare for annual trade shows at our facilities. We understand that you need flexibility when it comes to picking up your items. That’s why our business clients can use our moving truck to transport supplies into the self storage unit.

Depending on your needs, you may decide to do some of the preparation for your next trade show appearance in your storage unit. That may include sorting through literature, bringing new items from your office or warehouse, and cleaning and preparing your booth.

Tips for Storing Your Items

Now, let’s review some tips to help you store your trade show items properly, so they’ll be ready for you when you need them.

  1. Pack all items properly. You may want to consult the company that manufactured your booth and display items to make sure you crate your items properly.
  2. Know the dimensions of what you need to store so we can help you choose the right size space. You can let us know what you’ll be storing and whether you’ll need to stage items with us and we’ll help you determine how much space you need.
  3. Clean and dry all items prior to storing them to prevent issues with mold or mildew.
  4. Work out a plan so that the items you need to access more frequently are near the front of your unit. That will minimize the chances that you won’t be able to find something you need.
  5. Make sure to leave yourself time to check your items and transport or ship them to the location of your trade show.

Following these simple guidelines will ensure that your valuable trade show displays are in perfect condition when it’s time for you to use them.


Trade shows may be the life’s blood of your business. We can provide the secure space you need to store your booth and display items.

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