How to Prepare Your Snow Gear for Ski Season

In some parts of the country, ski season has already begun. If you’re a skiing enthusiast, that means that even if you haven’t taken your first ski trip of the season, you’re eager to prep your gear and hit the slopes.

Many of our Storage West clients store their ski equipment with us in the off season. With that in mind, here are some pointers to help you get your snow gear in perfect shape for ski season.


Let’s start with the one thing that makes skiing possible: your skis! Here are some tips to help you get them ready for the new season.

  1. If you stored your skis with a fresh coat of wax, you should begin by scraping the bases and cleaning the skis.
  2. Next, use a diamond stone to remove any rust or burrs on the edges of your skis.
  3. Using a wax iron, melt a fresh coat of wax into the base and let it cool completely before you scrape it off. (Do this step twice if you didn’t store your skis with fresh wax.)
  4. Polish the ski bases with a nylon brush to remove excess wax.

Keep in mind that if your skis have significant damage, such as nicks in the base, or if you can’t smooth out and sharpen the edges properly, you’ll need to take them to a ski shop to have them fully tuned and serviced.


It’s important to inspect your boots before hitting the slopes. The most important issue is wear and tear. If your ski boots have worn-down heels or toes, it can change the way your boot attaches to the binding. That could be unsafe, so it’s essential to be meticulous during this process.

You should also:

  • Remove the boot linings to look for wear and tear
  • Try on your boots and pay attention to pressure points and how they feel

If you notice any issues that impact your comfort and safety, you should take your boots to a ski shop for repair or replacement.

Ski Bindings

Faulty bindings can cause safety issues and injuries on the slopes, so it’s a must to check them thoroughly before ski season starts. Follow these steps:

  • Check the bindings for ordinary wear and tear
  • Clean off your bindings with wet rag

If it’s been a while since you had your bindings tested, you should bring them into a ski shop to be sure they’re safe to use. This is also a good time to have your DIN setting adjusted.


While ski clothes don’t get as much attention as skis and boots, they still require care and attention at the beginning of the season. Dirt can impact the waterproofing of your gear, so you should:

  • Clean out your pockets
  • Check the labels for cleaning instructions and clean your clothing accordingly
  • After washing and drying, treat your outerwear with a spray-on waterproofing formula. Make sure to wash your gloves, too!

Most manufacturers of ski clothing recommend a gentle detergent for machine washing. Woolite is a popular choice, but there are also detergents that are specifically formulated to wash outerwear.


Finally, you should be sure to check your accessories to make sure they’re still safe to use and in good condition. Check your helmet and goggles and replace or repair them as needed.


Ski season is here and following the steps we’ve outlined above will ensure that you have a fun (and safe) season on the slopes!

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