How to Safely Store Belongings When Renovating

They say home is where the heart is. It is often our sanctuary after long, stressful days. That is why your living space should be your personal idea of heaven. If your home’s interior aesthetic is becoming outdated, or if you simply dislike the look and feel of your home, you may have thought about home renovation. But remodeling can also get quite messy; entire rooms must be emptied out with their items stowed away. When dealing with remodeling costs, contractors, movers, and more, it can be quite overwhelming dealing with storing belongings.

Home renovating can be a time of anticipation, stress, paint, and of course, a lot of dust. You do not want debris ruining your household’s treasured items, nor do you want furniture getting in the way of construction. Here’s how to safely store your belongings when remodeling:

  • Room to spare. Find a spare room which is not inhabited by anyone, nor being renovated, to store the household’s belongings.
  • Wrap it up. Cover furniture with plastic wrap if there’s only going to be repainting involved. If utilities or flooring is going to be uninstalled, this obviously wouldn’t be an option. But if less invasive renovations are being implemented, that may be all you need to do.
  • One at a time. If you have time to spare, focus your remodeling on one or two rooms at a time, making it easier to clear items while keeping your belongings at home.
  • Friends and family. If you have friends which are kind enough to allow you to store items in their home, thank them. If someone you trust is willing to allow you to store your items at their house, that’s a cost-effective way to clear your home out before renovation.
  • Rent an outside storage unit. Sometimes, leaving your entire home bare is the only choice. A self-storage unit will provide a safe space for your items while you’re creating your dream home. Take a look at Storage West’s sizing guide to see which unit size is right for your needs.

Home remodeling is an excellent way to maintain or increase your home’s value, while making your home aesthetic completely yours. Storing items properly will ensure that your items, along with those renovating, stay safe while transforming your living space. Overall, you can look forward to renovating in peace, while creating your perfect abode.

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