Kitchen Storage Ideas

Your kitchen can be the center of your home, not just the place where you eat — unless you live in a dwelling with a tiny kitchen. In either case, you probably share one thing in common with everyone else who has a kitchen: where/how to store all those small appliances and other cooking paraphernalia.

If you, like most people, weren’t able to design your kitchen to perfectly house all the items you need, you’ll want to take a look at these tips before you start unpacking all those kitchen boxes.

Think Outside the Cabinet

This works especially well for pots and pans. There are a number of great pot racks out there that let you hang all your pans from the ceiling or on the wall. If you look around, you’ll also find magnetic hangars for displaying knives on the wall and assorted canisters and jars that can be used for organizing cooking utensils and even tableware on the counter or a shelf instead of taking up space in the drawers.

Install Shelves

If there is available wall space, stick a shelf on it. Smaller shelves are good for spices, boxes of tea, and other little items. Larger shelves can hold your small appliances, cookbooks, canisters, or even a cookie jar or two.

Don’t forget that shelves don’t have to stop at eye level. A great place for a shelf is over the door or window (if you have one). Using a small step ladder you can put things almost anywhere.

Use Baskets & Boxes

Any home or container store is going to have a wide variety of baskets and boxes for use in kitchen storage. The traditional hanging baskets are used for storing produce, but you can store just about anything in boxes and baskets. Stack them on the counter or shelves or use them to organize inside cabinets. You can also affix them to the walls for creative storage.

Take Advantage of Existing Solutions

There are countless gadgets, gizmos, and storage solutions out there. Sliders for cabinets, risers for pantries, and rods and racks to install on the inside of cabinet doors. There are organizers for drawers, shelves, countertops, and inside your fridge. Best of all, there are countless magazines and websites that provide hints, tips and solutions for your storage problems.

As with any other room in your house: be creative and you’ll find a place for everything without destroying your design aesthetic.

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