La Jolla Open Aire Market

Storage West is located all throughout the Southwest. We have 11 properties in the San Diego area alone.

As a company we don’t settle on “just” being storage facilities that offer excellent value and customer service, though.. On top of that we really work hard to be important parts of the community at large. We depend on our Resident Managers and Associate Managers to help us accomplish this goal.  Their hard work allows us to keep on top of what’s going on in our areas and help others to get involved as well.

Let’s look at our La Jolla property for instance. You can check out what they have been up to on their Facebook and Twitter pages. We make sure that our managers keep everybody updated on what’s going on so that people in the area have a good place to go for information.

One of the recent items we’ve shared online is a reminder about the La Jolla Open Aire Market that happens every Sunday. Here you can see our Manager Jamie attending. She recently recommended everybody try out the cold pressed raw apple cider they offer there. Our Managers tended to be experts in their areas. You can go to them for great suggestions on things to do and places to try out nearby. Stop by and see what they’ve been up to! We’d like to know what you’ve got going on too! That’s one of the ways we stay on top of things, is just by talking with our friends and neighbors. We’d love to share what you’ve found in the neighborhood too.

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