La Mesa Chamber of Commerce’s Salute to Local Heroes

Salute to Local Heroes

Our Spring Valley Managers Jackie and Tom Trapp went to the La Mesa Chamber of Commerce’s annual event to honor some heroes from the area. This event is called “Salute to Local Heroes” and the La Mesa Chamber of Commerce has hosted for 6 years. This year the dinner took place on February 19th from 5:30 to 8:30.

The event was held at the Town and Country Hotel near the La Mesa Chamber of Commerce. The theme was “Lights, Cameras, Action!” Guests took part in a silent auction and were able to win prizes from raffles. Jackie said that even though they didn’t win any prizes they still had a lot of fun. She added that the entertainment was really great as well.

In addition to the fun, this year’s event honored seven great local heroes: Paramedics Trevor Davies and Gabe Robinson, Fire Service Veteran Dan Lachenbruch, LAPD Officer Ryan Rogers, LMPD Community Service Officer Maria Vita, and Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol Volunteers Catalina Branch and Jerry Frosio. Tom and Jackie were lucky enough to eat dinner next to one of the honorees, Dan Lachenbruch and his wife. Also at their table were the local Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief. The La Mesa Chamber honored Dan Lachenbruch because of his service as a Heartland Fire and Rescue Fire Engineer. Jackie shared that she and Tom really enjoyed the chance to talk with them.

Additionally, the La Mesa Chamber recognized Storage West Spring Valley as a sponsor as well. Here’s a picture of Jackie with some of the other sponsors.

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For more on the Salute to Local Heroes, check out this article by Albert H. Fulcher posted in The Californian:

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