The Living Way Church Easter Event

Storage West is a regional self-storage company located in the Southwestern United States. We have 11 different locations in the San Diego area.

Though our focus is on being a storage company that offers top notch customer service we don’t stop there. We also work to be excellent community members as well. With the help of our Resident Managers and Associate Managers we do everything we can to stay on top of what’s happening in the areas that our facilities are located in, participate in events when we can, and share what we learn about. With this work we’re able to stay connected with our community and inform others too, to promote more engagement in our areas.

You can see an example of this with our Poway Facebook Page. Each of our properties has their own social media profiles where they share about what they learn. You can see what they’ve been up to on Twitter and Google Plus too.

Most recently you can see that our managers have shared about a community Easter Egg Hunt being held by The Living Way Church. This event at Poway Community Park is just one of many things you can learn about if you like our page or follow us on Twitter. We just think it’s important to really be a part of what is going on around us and to help others do the same. Let us know if you ever hear about or are hosting an event that you think your neighbors would like to hear about. We would be happy to share!


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