Luxury Housing Development is Coming to Chandler

What’s not to love about Chandler, Arizona? Between the warm weather, plethora of restaurants, and the numerous job opportunities, it comes as no surprise that many are hurriedly relocating to this developing area. Many large technology companies such as Ceiba Technologies, Orbital ATK, and MTI Tech Solutions, have recently sprung up in the Chandler area, providing the city of Chandler with a booming economy.

After the market crash of 2008, many Arizona homeowners sadly watched as their property values plummeted. The Arizona real estate market has very much been a buyer’s market throughout the previous decade, but thankfully, recent statistics show that Arizona real estate values are steadily rising. With the market beginning to favor sellers and a swiftly increasing population, the entire Phoenix metro area is beginning to see new property developments spring up.

With much vast, empty land and a steady stream of newcomers, commercial development companies see a huge opportunity in the greater Phoenix area. Chandler, Arizona is a city that has become a large part of the recent real estate boom, with higher average property values than Phoenix. For example, Phoenix homes yield an average home price of $279,000, while Chandler homes sell for around $344,000.

Rick Huffman, the CEO of the construction management company, HCW, saw a great opportunity within the Chandler district of Ocotillo. The recent addition of new technology companies has created a thriving job market, in turn, increasing the demand for luxury housing. He states that this is the reason HCW has recently set its’ sights within Chandler.

The town of Chandler is currently awaiting a new luxury housing development, which will be titled the Valerio of Ocotillo. This new housing development will be inspired by the style of many Santa Barbara condominiums and townhomes. The Valerio will feature spacious two to three-bedroom homes, ranging from 1,700 to 2,290 square feet. Buyers also have opportunity to customize the home’s design and finishes, giving them a home tailored to their own unique preferences and needs.

If you are someone who is considering moving to Chandler, this development certainly seems like something which is worth looking into. To learn more about the area, read through our Chandler relocation guide to catch a detailed glimpse of the job opportunities, entertainment culture, and schools which will be available to you and your family. Also, consider looking into Chandler self-storage, to help your move go a little bit smoother.

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