Medicine Cabinet Makeovers

Cold and flu season is just around the corner. That makes it the perfect time to clean out and restock your medicine cabinet. Whether your medicine cabinet is in the bathroom, kitchen, hall, or other room, it could probably use a makeover to ensure that your family has easy access to all medicines and vitamins they will need to get through the winter.

Helpful Videos

One approach to organizing your medicine cabinet is to sort everything by age (adults and children) and then by use. This video walks you through the process and discusses some of the things you should make sure you have on hand before anyone in your family gets sick.


Here’s one that shows how to effectively use bins to organize toiletries, makeup and other items in a bathroom cabinet — his and hers.

One last note. No matter how you choose to organize your cabinet, the first rule is to dispose of any expired medications, vitamins, or supplements. If you don’t have time to do a full makeover, at least take the time to remove old pills, etc., that are no longer useful to your family.

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