Minimalist Storage Ideas

When you live in a small space, you must make every square inch count. And naturally, you want any storage solutions you buy to have simple lines. That way they won’t clutter up your space visually.

We have the solution. There are several categories of storage you can use to keep your things neat and tidy and add some decorative flair to your home.

Hidden Storage

The first type of minimalist storage to consider is furniture that does double duty. For example, perhaps you can find a coffee table with drawers or hidden compartments. These make an ideal place to store your remote controls, game controllers, and anything else that might otherwise be cluttering up your table.

Another option is to find stools or footrests with hollow centers where you can store things. These are ideal if you need extra seating – and when you don’t have company, they can be used as footrests for the family.

Wall Storage

Another way to maximize your space is to invest in some storage solutions that hang on the walls. It can be hard to give up floor space to storage when you’re in a small place, but the walls can be a great place to display your collections and other items without feeling cluttered.

For example, you might look for a wine rack that hangs on the wall or hang some hooks in the bedroom or bathroom to hold necklaces and bracelets.

In the kitchen or garage, a pegboard wall can make an easy and attractive DIY storage space for hanging utensils, pots, or tools.

And of course, don’t forget bookshelves. Instead of buying bookcases that take up floor space, try looking for shelves that attach directly to the wall instead. They can give a small room a bright and airy look while providing plenty of storage space for your book collection.

Desktop and Tabletop Solutions

We all have those times when our belongings seem to multiply. We just cleaned the desk and somehow there are office supplies strewn all over it.

Instead of dealing with the chaos, try buying or making an elegant desktop organizer. You can opt for one that holds objects vertically or horizontally. When there’s a place for everything, it becomes easy to keep everything in its place.

The same is true of the countertops in your kitchen or the top of your dresser or vanity. It might be tempting to shove everything in a drawer, but if you want things to look nice then a simple organizer is the way to go.

Magnets and Other Ideas

Are there other surfaces in your home that can double as storage spaces? There might be!

For example, magnetic knife holders and spice racks can help free up counter space in the kitchen. Overhead storage bins in the garage are great for storing seasonal items like Christmas and Halloween decorations and winter clothing.

You may also want to consider buying plastic storage bags to keep under your beds or on closet shelves. Some of these bags are designed so you can vacuum the air out of them, reducing the amount of space required to store them.

Storage Doesn’t Need to Take Up a Lot of Space

The bottom line is that storing your belongings in your living space doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to being surrounded by clutter. These minimalist storage ideas can help you have your space – and live in it, too.

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