Moving Questions: Who Needs to Know?

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When most people think of moving they have an immediate checklist in their head of all the work they need to do. Find a place to live, order a moving truck, pack up the house. Moving is a major undertaking and involves many time-consuming and labor-intensive steps. One step that is easy to overlook is who needs to know about the move, and when do they need to know?

You will obviously want to make sure your movers know your move date and the involved addresses. Another obvious task on the checklist is to make sure your employer knows, especially if it’s a local move that doesn’t require changing your job. Who else needs to know?

1. Government

Most states require you to update your address on your driver’s license within so many days of moving. If you move to a new state you’ll need to get a new license for all drivers in your family right away. Make sure the registration for all your vehicles is also updated to your new address. You’ll also want to update your voter registration to reflect your new residence. Some states have interlinked systems that allow you to update all three at once using an online form.

You should also notify the post office once you know your move date. This will allow them to forward your mail so that you don’t miss any important notifications.

2. Utilities

Scheduling utilities to turn on at your new place is vital, as is making sure to turn off the services at your current home. Electricity, gas, water and refuse, internet, cable/satellite, irrigation, and any other utilities should be scheduled well in advance of your move.

3. Schools

classroomIf you are moving across town or to another city or state you will need to enroll your children in the appropriate school. As a parent you’ll be well aware of the importance of notifying schools on both sides of the move date and making sure records get forwarded from the current schools to the new ones. However, if you’re just moving to a new house in the same neighborhood or school district, you might neglect this task. Schools need to have your current address on file at all times, so let them know.

4. Health Care

Many people overlook the importance of notifying their health care providers of a move. They figure it will be updated the next time they go to the doctor or dentist. If you don’t update even a local change of address with all your health care providers, you may miss important mailings about changes in their services, doctors leaving practice and needing to give you copies of your medical records, or even those notifications that it’s time for a checkup.

5. Banking

Moving to a new state may mean you need to find a new bank as they don’t all have branches in every state. Do your research before you move so that you don’t find yourself in a new state and having to pay lots of fees to use a non-local ATM. It is also important to notify your bank of an address change in a local move so that you don’t miss any important notifications or tax statements (they don’t all come via email or online login).

6. Insurance

Your employer will likely update your address with your health insurance coverages, but you will need to report an address change to other insurers yourself. Moving across state lines means opening new policies for home, auto, etc. Even a local move may result in changes in your premiums as different neighborhoods have different risk assessments, so be sure to notify your agent(s) of a pending move to make sure you will be covered.

7. Friends & Family

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Unless you are a true digital denizen who only communicates with family and friends via text, phone, and social media, you’ll want to let those closest to you know of your impending move. Even if they aren’t helping you with the move, they may want to stop by with a housewarming gift or at least have your current address for birthday and holiday cards.

There are other businesses and organizations you may want to notify, such as mechanics, non-profits that you support, and the ever popular magazine/newspaper subscriptions. Belong to one of those “of the month” clubs that deliver something to you? Have memberships on shopping sites where you shop without even thinking? Here’s an easy tip to help you identify all these additional senders: record all the mail you get for a few weeks and make sure that all the important senders are notified of your move.

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