Net 10 Networkers – San Diego

Storage West has many facilities located throughout the Southwest including several in the San Diego area.

Oceanside Storage Facilities One of these locations is our Oceanside facility.

At Storage West we aren’t “just” storage though. We also dedicate a lot of time to community participation in the areas that we serve. We depend on our resident and associate managers to help make this possible. Because of their involvement in the community we are able to stay in touch with what’s going on. Then, we can share about this information through social media. You can see examples of this on our Oceanside Facebook Page and Twitter Profile.

Our managers stay connected in many ways. Our facilities are typically members of their local Chamber of Commerce and do a lot to network with businesses in the area. That’s one of the great ways we’re able to keep on top of what is going on in the area. Another easy way is by just connecting with our tenants who typically live in the area. One of the particular networking groups we’ve worked with in the past is the Oceanside chapter of the Net 10 Networkers. They typically hold meetings twice a month. At these meetings we are able to get to know other local businesses better and keep up to date with what everybody has going on.

This is just one of the many ways we learn about events, deals, and new businesses in our areas. We think it’s important to be a resource for our tenants and that’s why we dedicate so much time to staying on top of these kinds of things.



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