New Data Center Opens in Rancho Cucamonga

It’s common for municipalities to be slow to adopt new technology. After all, they’re using taxpayer money – and must justify spending it on anything new.

However, the future of technology is bright in Rancho Cucamonga, where the city has just unveiled its brand new data center.

About the New Data Center

Rancho Cucamonga’s new data center is part of the city’s recently completed public safety campus, which was built by the fire department.

The data center is a state of the art facility that’s designed to help the city in a variety of ways. It is located about three miles from the city’s first data center and will work in conjunction with the existing center to improve conditions for city workers and residents alike.

The city’s CIO, Darryl Polk, explains that the second data center is connected to the first via a municipally-owned fiber network. It will use something called stretch cluster architecture to divide operations between the two data centers.

Software will be used to monitor each site’s performance. If one site’s performance degrades, the software will automatically reroute traffic to the other data center.

What Does the New Data Center Do for Rancho Cucamonga?

The new data center should start to improve conditions for Rancho Cucamonga right away. The first benefit is that it gives the city the flexibility to store its valuable data in a variety of ways. Polk notes that the city has already chosen to move their data backups to a cloud-based model, which is ideal if the city needs to retrieve data after a natural disaster.

It also gives them the freedom to choose other options. For example, in earthquake-prone Southern California, it might be beneficial to backup data to another physical locations outside of Rancho Cucamonga’s seismic zone. That way, the data would be available even if a major earthquake knocked out the Rancho Cucamonga-based centers.

Another big change is that employees of the city may have the option to work remotely in the future. Before the new data center opened, network security meant that employees could work only from city facilities. Now, they’ll be able to:

n  Log in securely from home or another remote location

n  Use approved mobile devices to do their work

Of course, security is still an priority. Devices will need to be “white listed” before they can be used to access the city’s network – a vital step to protect data.

The Internet of Things

Workers and backups aren’t the only things impacted by the new data center’s opening. There’s also an increasing need for a way to monitor the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), which includes city devices such as streetlights and traffic cameras.

The new data center will allow city workers and officials to monitor IoT devices and use the data collected in a variety of ways. For example, they’ll be able to automate the process of sending out traffic tickets. They’ll also be able to manage traffic flows remotely.


No municipality can afford to ignore the future of technology. With the opening of their new data center, the City of Rancho Cucamonga has embraced the future – and taken an important step toward improving life for its workers and the city’s residents.

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