Oceanside Boys and Girls Club Receives Education Grant

Every summer, when kids are out of school, they can lose as much as two months’ worth of math learning. The resulting learning delay may discourage them from pursuing degrees in science and mathematics, which historically pay more than other jobs.

The Boys and Girls Club of Oceanside recently started a program they call STREAMing Ahead to encourage local kids to learn during the summer months. The program received a $5,000 grant from SDG&E to help them pursue their goals.

What Is STREAMing Ahead?

The STREAMing Ahead program focuses on education in six fields. They are:

  •   Science
  •   Technology
  •   Research
  •   Engineering
  •   Arts
  •   Mathematics

The acronym STEM, which does not include Research or Arts, is more commonly used. However, STREAM is a more inclusive educational approach that acknowledges areas where the United States’ public school system may be falling short.

STREAMing Ahead’s goals are to engage Oceanside youth outside of the classroom and encourage them to develop an interest in STREAM fields. The BGCO has collaborated with local businesses and organizations such as Genentech and Farms Aquaponic to provide participants in the program with real-life examples of what’s happening in STREAM. The hope is that seeing things like science and mathematics in action will inspire them to work in these fields.

In the summer of 2018, STREAMing Ahead participants took part in a camp program that offered them a variety of hands-on experiences in the STREAM fields. Some of the experiences they shared included:

  •   A trip to the Birch Aquarium to learn about marine life and marine conservation
  •   Working in a community garden
  •   Visiting Valley Heights Ranch to learn how strawberries are grown and harvest berries to take home

One of the advantages of STREAMing Ahead is that the program is designed to offer the kind of in-person, hands-on experience that usually isn’t possible in the classroom.

The Future of the Boys and Girls Club of Oceanside

The $5,000 grant, which is part of San Diego Gas & Electric’s Inspiring Future Leaders Initiative, will be used to fund future STREAMing Ahead programs for the youth of Oceanside. The organization’s CEO, Jodi Diamond, says:

“We recognize how important it is to give our youth new opportunities and provide them with the chance to explore hands-on outside of the classroom.”

In addition to STREAMing Ahead, the BGCO offers other programs and opportunities to expand kids’ knowledge and give them one-of-a kind experiences. They include camp programs for summer and school breaks, a military outreach program, and a sports academy.

Construction is underway on a new Center of Innovation which will serve as the home base for STREAMing Ahead as well as a new Culinary Arts Teaching Kitchen and a Performing Arts Center. The hope is that the new facility will provide kids with as many learning opportunities as possible.


The Boys and Girls Club of Oceanside provides learning and social opportunities for kids of all ages. The SDG&E grant will be part of their funding for 2019 and will help inspire and teach the leaders of tomorrow.

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