Office Organization Videos

Organizing the office isn’t always high on the priority list.  Whether it’s an actual office, a cubicle at work, a home office, or just the place where you keep your household paperwork, making it functional can be a low priority. Finally organizing it can make a world of difference though. Check out these videos on office organization to help get yourself started! Getting started can sometimes be half the battle so pull yourself up by your bootstraps and just get going.

Below you’ll find two different videos that give you some great places to start. Don’t wait for your boss to make you do it. Don’t wait until you’ve lost something really important and are stressing out over finding it. Get on it now and avoid all that hassle.

You likely spend at least 40 hours a week at your job. Don’t you think you should make your surroundings there as stress free as possible?

Here’s a look at how one company instituted office-wide rules for organization. They got rid of clutter and made the workplace more efficient for everyone:

Cluttered Cubicles

And here’s some tips on how to organize your filing system — whether for work or home:

File Organization

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