A manager at a local event

Orange Chamber of Commerce – Profit Connection

Storage West Orange is located just where it sounds, in Orange, California. You can find them at 681 South Tustin Street #301, Orange CA 92866. The Orange location is just one of the 49 facilities Storage West operates in the Southwestern United States. At Storage West we aren’t just about storage though. We also focus heavily on community involvement in the neighborhoods that we are located in. Our managers enable us to do this by keeping in touch with what’s going on in the area particularly through the local Chamber of Commerce, like the Orange Chamber of Commerce.

One of the ways that our managers stay connected in their areas is by making sure to be a part of their local Chamber of Commerce. We find out about a lot of great happenings that way, as well as from just talking to our tenants. When we learn about events that way we make sure to share about them on Facebook or Twitter.

A manager at a local event

A former manager at a local event

For example, on the Orange Facebook page they posted about an ongoing meeting that happens with the Orange Chamber of Commerce that they attend. This weekly Profit Connection mixer allows for great networking with businesses in the area. Chamber members are welcome, as well as non-chamber members who might be considering joining the chamber. This meeting takes place every Wednesday. Check the Chamber website for more info.

This is just one of the many kinds of events that we like to share about. We’re always looking out for more events though. Let us know if you come across anything you think other members of our communities might want to know about. We’ll look forward to sharing!

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