Organizing Your Exercise Equipment

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to get fit or exercise? If you’re starting a new exercise regime, or maybe just reviving an old one, getting your home gym in order is a good first step.

It doesn’t matter if your home gym is an actual room, a closet where you store equipment, or a hodge podge of workout and sporting goods scattered throughout your house, you need to get organized if you hope to reach your fitness goals this year.

De-clutter & Let Go

Start by gathering all your equipment in one place. Physically go through every room and closet to collect all your fitness-related items. These may include large items like a treadmill or exercise bike or small things like hand weights, running shoes or yoga mats. Don’t forget to gather all your fitness magazines, books, and DVDs as well as exercise logs and inspirational items.

Now sort through these items. Be ruthless. If there is any sporting or exercise equipment that you are not using and are not part of your new regime, get rid of it. You may be able to sell larger items online or through classified ads. You can also donate items to thrift stores or appropriate charities. If items are damaged, broken or worn out, you will want to put them in the trash. Be willing to let go of things that will not help you with your current goals.

Note: if you are creating an exercise space for the first time, you will have to remove all non-exercise items. Be as ruthless with de-cluttering and sorting these items as you are with your exercise equipment. If there isn’t a clear space for you to store it in another part of your home, get rid of it.


Setting up an exercise room or corner in your home or garage can be challenging as many items are oddly shaped. However, if you apply a little bit of creativity, you can find storage solutions that keep things secure but easily accessible. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Use a coat rack or towel rod for hanging exercise bands or jump ropes
  • Stand yoga mats or rolled towels in a decorative trash basket
  • Install a wall shelf or basket for DVDs and exercise books
  • Use magazine holders for exercise logs as well as magazines
  • Install an over-the-door shoe bag to separate hand weights and other small items

Visual stimulation is going to be important when you’re exercising. Make sure there is an adequate sound system, tablet stand, or TV screen available. You may also want to have a large calendar on the wall to remind you of your workout schedule as well as inspirational posters and placards to keep you motivated.

Lastly, make sure you have space for water and sports drinks and supplies to clean up after your workout.

The ultimate goal is to make working out as effortless as possible. If every time you contemplate exercising you have to pull together ten different things, you are much less likely to follow through with your plan. Get organized and you are halfway there.

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