Outgrowing the Garage – eBay Business Video

This nice video is about a home based eBay business. They started off small and are to the point where they have outgrown the home garage. The video shows two childhood friends who start a small tech business together. They sell directly from their garage in Huntington Beach, California and now they need to find more space.

Entrepreneurs at eBay: Outgrowing the Garage – Video Transcription

Alan: My name is Alan Tran, and I run a business with Justin Zito, who also happens to be my best friend. We have a business called FluxMob located in Huntington Beach, California.

Alan: What a nice day.

Justin: Yeah, awesome day.

Alan: Living in a beach city pushed us to create innovative products for people on the go like us.

Justin: (about picture) High school graduation?

Alan: Yeah.

Alan: Justin and I have been friends since the first grade. He came up to me one day: tall, lanky guy; bowl haircut, and he handed me a pirate-looking scroll thing. It was actually an invitation to his birthday.

Justin: (looking at picture) Why are we wearing handcuffs?

Alan: I don’t know.

Justin: Ever since then, you know, we’ve always just been bouncing ideas off each other.

Justin: We found a really big gap in the battery industry.

Justin: (gesturing to Alan): Do, like, a flip.

Justin: We couldn’t find anything that would meet our specific needs.

Alan: Back to the drawing board.

Alan: What we’ve done is take two very commonly-used products, a wall charger and a battery back-up, and combined it into one super small and convenient device. (Showing device in different colors.) Pacific. Crimson. Stone.

Alan: We want to be a household name, like eBay. eBay is a tech pioneer. Customers are on eBay and they’re looking for products just like ours.

Justin: (gesturing to computer) What I would do is…

Alan: It’s very easy to sign up, open your store, and start selling within a few hours.

Justin: This is box three?

Alan: We’ve been working out of Justin’s garage. (To Justin) Justin, can you hand me to argon, please?

Alan: Now that our business is growing, we need to bring in more product… and we don’t have that room.

Justin: A huge advantage of selling on eBay is the ability to scale. You might get an order for ten thousand units tomorrow, and you’ve got to be prepared for that. (To Alan) What time are we checking out the warehouses?

Alan: Two-thirty.

Justin: It’s about time for us to get a warehouse.

Alan: It’s definitely exciting to look for a warehouse…

Lois: Justin, I’m Lois.

Alan: … because, you know, it’s like a milestone to get to the next level of our business.

Lois: And then this is the open warehouse.

Alan: I know that we should and could be bigger.

Lois: There’s a lot of natural light here, too, from the skylight.

Alan: That’s why we’re not going to stop. We’re still very hungry.


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