How to Pack a Suitcase

Whether you’re traveling for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, or some other end-of-the-year holiday/event, you are likely to find yourself face-to-face with a suitcase and a stack of clothing, toiletries, and electronics that all need to fit inside. If you’re a parent, you may need to pack multiple suitcases. You’ll need one for yourself, your spouse, and your kids. That can get really complicated really fast. How to pack a suitcase is an age old question. There’s a lot that you want to bring with you and only a limited amount of space to do it in. Plus, airlines have all different rules as far as what you can bring, so if you’re travelling by airplane there is a whole extra layer to the confusion. The stress of this obstacle for some is so great travelling isn’t even fun anymore. 

Keep calm and check out this video. Don’t let your holidays get ruined because of a silly little suitcase. This video will show you how professional travelers pack their luggage. Even if you don’t follow every recommendation, you’re sure to get a few ideas. These tips will help you pack more efficiently and be less stressed about the process:

How to Pack Like a Pro

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