Packing your Home for Moving – Video

Packing up your house can be a stressful business as you have probably accumulated much more stuff than you ever imagined! But if you check out this video you will find out that it may be a lot less stressful than you imagined – especially if you follow the tips that they suggest to make it go smoothly.

How to Pack up Your House – video transcription

Woman: We have a lot of boxes in our hallway.

Man: Yeah.

Woman: You know what I’m really good at lately?

Man: What?

Woman: I’m good at packing.

Man: You are?

Woman: Yeah. So, Kendrick, do you want to talk packing tips?

Man: Desperately.

Woman: Okay, let’s go.

Man: My favorite topic.

Woman: Come, come, I have so many. First of all, supplies. Just bite the bullet and order the stuff off the internet. It’s an expense, but you really do need kind of a lot of stuff in order to move your new things safely.

For a one bedroom apartment with two people living in it, you’re going to need an average of sixteen medium boxes, twenty large boxes, and eight extra-large boxes. So just do the math from there. (laughs) I don’t know how I got that figure.

Man: (laughs)

Woman: You’re also going to need – oh my god, so much tape. So much tape. And you know what else is really helpful? The specialized packing tape with the names of the rooms written on it. So you just put a little piece of bedroom tape on every bedroom box, and there you go. It’s color coded.

You’re also going to need packing pads, two to three wardrobe boxes per closet, so that’s like twelve for me and two for Kendrick. You’ll need scissors and more bubble wrap than you ever thought possible. These are taking the place of human beings in our house right now.

And one last thing, this is really helpful. This is basically saran wrap for your furniture. So you just (gestures with roll of plastic) around your couch and your, your chairs, and anything that’s soft, and it protects it. Cause I really like my couch.

(Looks in box.) I need to make sure there’s nothing embarrassing in here before I let you go in.

Tip number two, leave no space unused, because space means jostling and jostling means breaking, and breaking is sad.

When you have a box, fill it all the way to the top, and fill any leftover spaces with like, a little piece of bubble wrap or tee-shirts. (Sniffs tee-shirt.) This one is Kendrick’s. (Laughs.)

Man: Hey!

Woman: If you happen to have fuzzy hot water bottles, that’s a little extra padding. That works too. (Picks up dog)

Man: You could put Lucy in there?

Woman: Okay. (Laughs, puts dog in box.) There we go, okay. I’m packed and ready to go.

Three, label incessantly. The more information you can put on the box itself, the easier it’ll be to know what’s in each box once you arrive at your destination. And if you want to be really super crazy type-A, you know what you do?

Man: No.

Woman: You write a number on each box, we’ll call this One (writes number on box), and then in a trusty notebook…

Man: Ooh, this is good.

Woman: Write the number of the box and exactly what’s in it. This isn’t too crazy?

Man: No, that’s awesome. No, I don’t do that.

Woman: No, but I’m just saying, you could.

Be smart about how you pack your delicate items. You know what towels and winter sweaters are? They’re free bubble wrap. So just use them to keep your delicate items nice and secure while in transit. This is apparently our candlestick and beach towel box.

Man: (Laughs.)

Woman: Write that down in the notebook.

Hire a professional to help with the heavy lifting. So, we’re doing a self-move, which means that in a few days a massive trailer is going to show up in our back yard ready for us to pack it. But let’s be honest. There is literally no way that you and I are getting this couch out of the house, no way… and move the piano, and I don’t know how to pack that lamp.

Anyway, so I went on Contact (? Inaudible) and I got a few quotes from local movers, and I am so thrilled with the guy that we hired to help us actually physically pack the trailer. He has come over to our house and done a full walk-through to give us an accurate estimate, he’s given me suggestions on where to get packing supplies… two thumbs up. I’m so excited not to have to lift this couch, cause that’s just like a (gestures to lower back) a massive injury waiting to happen… for you, because I’m (inaudible.)

Man: (Laughs.)

Woman: One more thing, one more thing. I think – this is a good one – that you should hire your mover to come twice. Once to get the majority of the packing done; and the second time, the very next morning, so he can help you load up the few things you needed on your last night in your house, like your (inaudible).

Okay, that’s it! Back to packing. Whee! We’re almost done – we’re not almost done. You have so much packing to do.

Man: Okay, all right. Cut, cut!

Woman: Go, go, Lucy, go! (Gestures to dog in box.) Lucy, down. Lucy, treat. (Gestures again) Lucy, go. Lucy treat.

Lucy, stay! (Laughs)

Man: Good girl. (Laughs.)

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