Pantry Heaven: How to Organize the Kitchen Pantry

Finally got all your spring cleaning done? Now’s a great time to think about reorganizing that kitchen pantry.  After all, the kids are finishing up school and soon will be home all day long.  Having a system in your pantry will make it easier to find what you need quickly — and make it easier to get the whole family into the habit of putting everything back where it belongs.

These videos will give you some inventive ideas for organizing dry and canned goods, baking supplies, and snack foods. Instead of a haphazard and cluttered pantry, you’ll open the door to neat, organized, and labeled storage that makes it easy for you when it comes time to cook or to unload groceries after a shopping trip.

This first video gives you an idea of how much you can do with a small pantry — and how little time it can take to get from “before” to “after” (only 3 hours!):

Next up are some creative solutions for those shopping on a budget.  Some of these organizers were bargains from a dollar store:

And here’s a look inside the home pantry of a professional organizer to give you a few more ideas:

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