Pending Northpointe Proposal Could Transform Pflugerville

Pflugerville, Texas could be in for some big changes (and improvements) if a new development proposal is accepted by the zoning board.

Dubbed the Northpointe proposal, the plans call for the construction of a mixed-use development in Pflugerville at the SH 130 corridor south of Typhoon and south of Hendrickson High School.

An Announcement by the Mayor

Pflugerville’s mayor, Victor Gonzales, hinted at the new development plans in his state of the city address on April 2, 2019. While not naming the project specifically, he said that a multi-use development might be in Pflugerville’s future and compared it to the successful Triangle and Domain developments in Austin.

In a subsequent phone interview, Mayor Gonzalez said that he thinks the development will not have as large a footprint as Stone Hill Town Center, which currently serves as the retail base tax leader for the city. He said:

It will have a different look than Stone Hill and it will feature walkability, employment, residential, parking and open space. It will complement Stone Hill.

The mayor is optimistic that the development will come to fruition. Previous efforts to develop the area for the proposed Northpointe construction, including Project Sunshine, have failed over the years. He hopes this time things will be different.

Rezoning Required

While there’s plenty of reason to believe the Northpointe Development will be good for the city, there are still some hurdles to jump before city leaders can begin planning in earnest.

Perhaps the largest issue is that the property for the proposed development, which consists of 81 acres between FM 685 and SH 130, plus an additional 31 acres south of Hendrickson, are currently zoned only for agricultural use. Before they obtain financing or make concrete plans, the zoning must be changed for multi-use.

As of this writing, the matter has not yet come before the Pflugerville planning or zoning boards, nor has it been taken up by the city council. That may change soon.

Financial Benefits

The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation expects to be releasing more details about their intentions for the Northpointe Development soon.

One reason they’re hoping to move quickly is that, as Mayor Gonzalez put it, “[Northpointe and the Pecan District] will have a positive domino effect on the growth of our city over the next 20-35 years.”

Every big construction project has its challenges and delays, but the mayor hopes that Northpointe can be expedited. He’s already thinking about ways to encourage businesses to rent space once the development is ready, including incentives and a tax increment reinvestment zone.

The Falcon Pointe Development between SH130 and Kelly Lane used a tax increment reinvestment stone as part of its financing. The specifics of the Northpointe financing will depend upon what the state legislature, which controls all state funding, is willing offer Pflugerville to complete the project.

A Bright Future

If everything falls into place, the Northpointe Development could bring new businesses to Pflugerville, providing more jobs and increased tax revenue for the city. It’s clear that Mayor Gonzalez is eager to help the city grow, and the Northpointe Development could be the key to making that wish a reality.

As a part of the Greater Houston Community, with locations in Northepointe, Sugar Land and Katy, we are excited to learn about this proposed new development.

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