Pet Supplies Organization & Storage

People love pets — well, most people. The pet industry is huge because so many Americans have dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, and other companion animals. And all those animals require food, toys, medicines, and other supplies. The more you love your pets, the more likely it is that you have spoiled them with lots of grooming tools, toys, treats, and even apparel. That means you need a way to store everything so it doesn’t clutter up your home. Pet supplies organization doesn’t have to be complicated.

Focus on Function

Let go of the idea that you can corral all your pet supplies in one location in your home. Creating one big tub or cabinet in a corner of the laundry room or closet may be a simple solution, but it’s impractical. Having to walk back and forth from that spot to different parts of your house will get old fast.

Think about each item in terms of where it is used, then create storage nearby. For example, food should be kept as close to the feeding area as possible. Toys should be stored in areas of the house where you and the pets play. Animals that live in cages or tanks are the exception. You will probably keep all of their supplies near the cage, aquarium, or tank. If you have a dog or cat or free-range bird or reptile, start by figuring out where it will be used.

Ideas for Storage

There are numerous storage solutions available today specifically for pets. For example, you can buy a “feeding station” that include storage for food and treats as well as space for your pets to actually eat. However, you can easily adapt everyday items for your needs.

  1. Use a small bag or tote near the door to store leashes, toys, and other items you need when walking your dog.
  2. Get a low basket or bin for gathering toys.
  3. Buy airtight tubs or tins for storing food and treats rather than leaving them in boxes and bags.
  4. Gather all paperwork for your pets in a binder. Include all medical records, licenses, pet insurance records, etc. Keep this with your other important records.
  5. Use a cleaning tote or small box to organize all grooming supplies.
  6. Create a “first aid” kit for your pets, including any medications. You can convert an old regular first aid kit for this or use a school pencil box or other closable container.
  7. Use a plastic shoebox, basket, or other organizer to store any pet apparel you have.

If you still need more ideas, browse the storage section at your pet store or department store and think how you can convert or adapt various items to work for you.

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